Mountaineering Matt

Matt and I planned a rock climbing date, but at the last minute I cancelled; I forgot about my fear of heights. I genuinely wanted to go, but I’m a chicken. I appreciate that he was understanding. We opted for lunch at a small Mediterranean place in Watertown instead.

Matt recently moved back to Boston after four years of hiking in Uganda. He’s currently a grad student at Harvard working on the thesis for his second book.  He’s lived all over the world.  He was one of the single-most interesting men I have ever met (sans Dos Equis).  He was very easy to talk to and very down to Earth.  He used phrases like emotionally-intelligent. That’s one of my favorite things to say and (spoiler alert: I did not go to Harvard)

So the catch with Matt… He walks everywhere with his full-size hiking pack and tin thermos in tow.  He doesn’t have a traditional job, or a car. I can get behind that though.  What I wouldn’t give to forget my Benz in Brockton for the night and be rid of that car payment.

Overall the date went well, we had really good conversation. As soon as I got home he texted me and sent me a friend request on Facebook, which I thought was a little fast, but I guess he felt the date went well too.  I did check out his pictures and he’s been all over; Africa, Asia, it’s incredible. My only comparable experience is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Matt is certainly much more well-rounded and cultured than me. I probably won’t see him again.

What I learned from this experience is that routine and monotony are very sexy to me. I can’t wake up one day and backpack around Hong Kong, unfortunately, so I can’t be with someone who wants to. I need a partner who wakes up and goes to work, has the same interests, wants to see the same things.  I don’t want the pressure of having to reinvent myself every couple of years to keep my husband happy and interested.  I need predictability.

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