New Year, New Me.

Happy New Years!

New year, New Me. .. I actually dislike this expression, so I am using it in the most snarky way possible 🙂

I do; however, love New Years! The idea of starting the new year with a blank slate and making goals for yourself is very exciting to me. My 2019 New Year’s resolution is to actually be more social.  I look back at 2018 and in the whole year I only went on four first-dates. Four! in an entire year! I actually didn’t make many new friends either! In parallel with this resolution I am going to attempt to online date (for real this time).

I started this blog two months ago (Nov 2018) with a goal of meeting people.  I thought if I had some awful online dates I could at least have fun blogging about them afterward. Unfortunately, since I began this blog I have only been on one first-date…and it wasn’t awful.

In preparation for this resolution; one week prior to 31Dec2018 @ 11:59p,  I swiped away and secured 129 Tinder matches!! Of these 129 matches, 31 of them said ‘hello’…not a bad start to the new year!!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my conversations with these 31 guys:

  1. Lincoln- cute guy, business owner, 2604 miles away. No convo.
  2. Jake- blue collar, looks like he likes his booze (not sure how we matched up). No convo.
  3. Dave-no convo with this one either, he looks very young.
  4. Chris- I ghosted #4 too, but he’s wearing a wife beater, soo…
  5. Paul- Oh gosh I stopped talking to #5 as well. I’m five for five. No wonder I’m unsuccessful at this.
  6. Darren- Guy from Texas, convo ended at “how are you?”
  7. This guy, Matt I talked to for a few days, and actually gave him my number and we continued to text. He asked me out to dinner but for some reason we stopped talking. Too bad, he has amazing eyes and he plays hockey.
  8. Moe- this poor guy, I ignored this message as well. He looked a little too thug for me (bad swipe on my part).
  9. #9- Chris, was interesting. We started chatting on Sunday. He asked if I was watching the Pats. I told him I didn’t watch football and he replied with “sorry I asked”. Conversation ended at that. Maybe I should watch football?
  10. Brian- this guy said ‘hello’, but spelled my name wrong. I didn’t reply back (post-typo).
  11. #11-Aaron. We didn’t talk much. He’s in Denver visiting family. Maybe we will chat when he gets back.
  12. Patrick! Patrick. Patrick. He is married and looking for a fun girl on the side. His wife does his laundry but doesn’t pack his lunch for work.
  13. Brendan- short conversation with this guy. He seemed offended when I asked if he was going out of New Years.
  14. Stas- I ghosted #14 when he kept using *winking* faces and implying sexual innuendos. A dirt-bag on Tinder? How unoriginal.
  15. Craig-this guy lives in Framingham, too far away.
  16. Dan- this guy ignored me after I replied back to his ‘how are you?’
  17. This guy weirded me out when he asked why a ‘nice girl’ like me was on this site with (of course another *winky* face… Sigh
  18. Lucas-I owe this guy a reply…my bad
  19. Tim- this guy had an annoying sense of humor. And he’s a firefighter. I love firefighters (I really, really do) but I have an unfair stigma about all of them being cheating pigs. It’s too bad really. I never swipe right on firefighters, this was an accident.
  20. Andy- this guy was an older match that I didn’t talk to that randomly popped back up. I wasn’t interested the last time we talked.
  21. Bryan- seems nice enough, he just asks a lot of questions. Conversation doesn’t seem to flow.
  22. Rob- umm…I owe this guy a response
  23. Andres- and this guy too
  24. Bryan- and this one…
  25. Sam- I am talking to this one. The back n forth is just really slow. He seems nice enough though.
  26. Fiddy (is this even a name?)- This guy is weird. He called me a “sexy b”..twice
  27. Mike- this guy is cute, he has a red beard too 😊 We have been talking for almost a week, but we haven’t talked about meeting up. He could possibly be in a relationship as well.
  28. Dominic- this one is ridiculously sexy and out of my league haha
  29. I am steadily talking to the final three (Mike, Matty, and Jason).
  30. Maybe I will meet one of them this weekend!
  31. Fingers crossed.

What I learned about myself from this little exercise:

  • Only about  25% of my matches said ‘hi’.  I may need to start saying ‘hi’ to better my chances at being successful.
  •  Of that 25% only about 1 in 10 I have been able to carry a conversation with. If I want to successfully online date (one or two dates per week) I may need to match with 150-200 men per week.  Yikes.
  • I need to be better at replying back or unmatching.  Leaving people in limbo is not very nice.

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