the purpose


This blog will be used to document the good, bad, and ugly of online dating.  Each event will be cataloged separately, as no two Tinder shit-shows are alike

The purpose of this blog is to hold myself accountable to forced social interactions with strangers on the internet.  Also, to not take online dating too seriously –if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?


I will most likely not meet my partner in a natural, organic setting.  I will likely still be alone and single at 35 years old. I am probably the common factor in every failed relationship to current date.  I will never see Santorini.


Any free shitty dating app will do.

Profile pictures should include: other people, hobbies or interests, landscape or travel,  and an animal (preferably a dog).


Force painful small talk conversation until it yields a date. Wear clean jeans, wash hair and put on eyeliner. Eat something health-ish from the menu. Limit alcohol to two. Insist on splitting bill. Rinse and repeat.


To be determined.


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